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About Peyfoon

Peyfoon Bride (Arous Vanak) was established about 40 years ago in Iran aiming to present the most beautiful and stylish bridal dresses from among the world’s leading brands. Due to welcome of customers, Peyfoon Bride could stand among the most famous bride’s dress-makers in a short period of time. This couldn’t happen, without hard working and management of Mr. Ali Peyfoon whose effort and insight led to outstanding success and glory not only in Tehran, but also in Tabriz and other cities of Iran

That is why Peyfoon is a preeminent and well-known name in producing and presenting the most beautiful bride’s dresses, engagement, night gowns, crown, gauze, shoes and bridegrooms’ suits. Peyfoon Bride office is currently located in one of best area of Tehran (Vanak Shopping Center) and comprises of different divisions like shop, gallery, showroom, dressmaking and fitting room with experienced personnel who are ready to present the ideal services to valuable customers.

Peyfoon Bride Currently provides for the customers the chic and stylish bride’s dresses from the most reputable world brands and European countries like Italy, France, Spain, Turkey and England.

Our produced dresses are made from the highest quality textile with reasonable price based on all the customers’ taste, choice and budget. Having the most varied and fashionable models, Peyfoon can meet the fastidious person’s desires in selection.

All works and services relating to the customers’ demand like consult, design, sewing, preparation and fitting (from order time till delivery) are done under his supervision with the practiced and skillful personnel. Due to management’s precision and attention, he makes attempt all orders are delivered to the customers in the best way and guaranty so that the customers’ consent and peace of mind are met. It’s obvious that such a viewpoint has an important role in the customers’ satisfaction. As a matter of fact this is the factor of success and glory of Peyfoon Bride amongst the brides’ dresses suppliers.

Considering the noticeable welcome of the customers and based on management’s belief, it’s better that the brides spend enough time and charge for the dreams’ dress of their life so that it would be the best and the most glorious dress. For this reason whole stages of order and selection of bridal dress are done by management’s specialized consult and upon prior appointment until the bridal garment is made upon brides’ dignity so that they appear different from others and proud of wearing dream’s dress in the wedding party and among the guests in the most memorable day of their life.

Life would be beautiful when you have a pretty choice. Let’s choose ourselves the beauty of life. Peyfoon Bride looks for achieving this goal for you.

We are proud of realizing your beautiful wishes on the dress of your dreams in a day